Brotherhood is the most important aspect of any fraternity. Without a sense of brotherhood the aspects of a fraternity either cannot exist, or do not matter to the group. The short time spent as an active brother of Gamma consistently produces large groups of lifelong friends. This not only helps with networking, but it also provides personal support groups as we go through life that help us conquer any situations that arise.

     Our Brotherhood is one of the tightest-knit on campus, and is a point of pride for our Active, as well as Alumni, and Rushees. Each year we host several 'Brothers Only' retreats and functions to keep us centered as a Fraternity, but also stress brotherhood's meaning through weekly meetings, gatherings, and sharing living space and meals together.

Social Life

The Social Life at Gamma is second to none. The entire fall semester revolves around Penn State football. No game day is complete without an AGR Tailgate set up outside Beaver Stadium for brothers, dates, family,and alumni, or a gathering at the Chapter House.

     The social schedule does not end there; each semester is filled with socials, parties, Sorority philanthropies, and formals. Highlights of the year include HooDang, the annual Gamma Halloween Haunted House and party, Christmas date party, and Winter Formal and the Pink Rose Formal in the Spring.  The best social event, however, is hanging out in the front yard on a random afternoon, pulling out the speakers, and playing volleyball or throwing horseshoes with your Brothers.


Leadership is an important skill you'll learn or develop in Alpha Gamma Rho. Our members recognize the need to develop leadership skills and take an active part in fraternity and university activities. Fraternity officer positions give you real leadership experience; you will use these skills to get involved in campus clubs, organizations or student government.


We hold athletics in high regard at Gamma. Most Gammas were active in one or multiple sports in High School, and have continued that drive to compete here at State. We have found that competing alongside your Brothers is a great way build camaraderie, and because of that we field teams in almost every Fraternity League Intramural Sport that Penn State offers, including:  Track and Field, Football, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Badminton, Swimming, Table Tennis, Racquet Ball, Cross Country, and Wrestling.