Notable Alumni


  • Dr. Walter Clore (Oklahoma State)- The Father of Washington Wine Dr Clore was a pioneer in wine growing and agricultural research in Washington State and has been formally recognized by the Washington State Legislature as the "Father of Washington Wine." Among his contributions to wine growing in Washington state was his extensive research into what areas of the state that premium wine grapes (particularly Vitis vinifera) would most thrive in
  • Frank Mullen - (Iowa State University) Director of NBC's Farm and Home Hour, the first National Radio Program on the air
  • Doyle Conner - (University of Florida) Served as the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture from 1961-1991. Also served as the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
  • Adam Putnam - (University of Florida) Current Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Former US Representative.
  • Sander Ludeman (University of Minnesota) - United Soybean Board, founding chairman. 2010 Siehl Prize for Excellence in Agriculture recipient.


  • Barry Abel - Vice President of Message Systems
  • Fred Addy - Former VP Finance of Amoco
  • William Boehm - Senior Vice President of Kroger Co. and President of Kroger Manufacturing
  • Jim Borel - Executive Vice-President, DuPont Company
  • Taylor Brown - (Montana State University)Owner of Northern Ag Network (broadcasts 42 radio stations and 5 TV stations)
  • Tom Davis - Director of Advertising for Successful Farming Magazine
  • Mike Jackson - Founded Agribusiness Group
  • Wallace Jerome - Founder of "The Turkey Store", of Jennie-O Turkey Store Company
  • Dean Kleckner - president of the American Farm Bureau's 3.1 million members
  • Bill Knox - publisher of Hoard's Dairyman
  • Loren Kruse - editor for Successful Farming
  • Russ Mawby - (Michigan State University) CEO of W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Lee Morgan - CEO of Caterpillar Corporation
  • Ted McKinney - Manager of Global Affairs for Dow Agrosciences
  • Peter Oppenheimer - C.F.O., Apple Inc.
  • James Cash Penney (University of Missouri) - founder of JC Penney Department Stores
  • Kent Prickett (Oklahoma State University) - Manager of Farmers Grain Company
  • Orville Redenbacher (Purdue University) - popcorn magnate
  • Orion Samuelson - internationally known farm broadcaster
  • Kevin Schulz (South Dakota State University) - editor of The Land magazine in Minnesota
  • Michael Bret Thurmond - Founder, Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc.
  • Jay Vroom - President of National Agricultural Chemicals Association
  • William J. Lipinski (Cornell University) - CEO, First Pioneer Farm Credit
  • James M. Papai (Cornell University) - VP, First Pioneer Farm Credit
  • Alan Murphy (University of Illinois) - President, King Research
  • Eric Deese (Auburn) - Indirect Commodity Buyer, AGCO Corporation
  • James Jirak (Kansas State University) - General Manager and President of Pro-Ag Marketing Association
  • John L. Benefield II (Alpha Eta) - Technology Consultant, Hewlett Packard (AGCO Corporation Account)
  • Kirk Thompson - (University of Arkansas) CEO of J.B. Hunt Transport
  • Clayton Smith - (Oklahoma State University) Futures Trader, Bartlett Grain
  • Donnie Smith - (University of Tennessee) CEO and President of Tyson Foods, Inc.
  • Mote W. Andrews IV - (Auburn University) President and Senior Partner at BSD Capital LLC.




[edit]National FFA Organization


  • Riley Fagett (Oklahoma State University) 2010-2011
  • Travis Jett (Oklahoma State University) 2005-2006
  • James Bodie (Oklahoma State University) 1976-77
  • Oliver Kinzie (Oklahoma State University) 1944-45
  • Vernon Howell (Oklahoma State University) 1932-33


  • Jerry Litton (University of Missouri)1956-1957
  • Fred McClure (Texas A&M) 1973-1974 (First Black National FFA Officer)
  • Danny Grellner (Oklahoma State University) 1992-1993

Vice President

  • Cain Thurmond (ABAC) 2011-2012
  • Seth Pratt (University of Idaho) 2011-2012
  • Kenny Quick (Cornell University) 2011-2012
  • Sam Brownback (Kansas State University) 1976-1977
  • Dee James (Kansas State University) 1977-1978
  • Don Trimmer (Va Tech) 1979-1980
  • Ben Nessmith (University of Georgia) 1990-1991
  • Marshall Baker (University of Florida) 1999-2000

[edit]Nobel Peace Prize


  • Allie Reynolds (Oklahoma State) - Professional Baseball Player. Allie P Reynolds was the 1st Oklahoma State University athlete to earn a professional athlete contract. In 1951 Reynolds became the first AL pitcher to hurl two no-hitters in one season and won the Hickock Belt in 1951 as the top professional athlete of the year.
  • Spud Chandler (University of Georgia) - Professional baseball player. He pitched for the New York Yankees from 1937 to 1947. He won the AL MVP award in 1943 and holds several New York Yankee records.
  • Scott Hatteberg (Washington State University) - Professional Baseball Player. Was a first baseman for the Boston Redsox, Oakland A's and the Cincinnati Reds. A career .273 hitter.


  • Wayne Allard - United States Senator for Colorado
  • Gary Black - (Alpha Eta) Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Samuel Brownback - (Alpha Zeta) Governor of the State of Kansas, United States Senator for Kansas, Former Sec. of Agriculture of the State of KS (youngest ever), Also former U.S. Representative.
  • Conrad Burns - United States Senator for Montana
  • Earl Butz (Purdue) - former Secretary of Agriculture
  • Charles Grassley - United States Senator for Iowa
  • Ken Givens (Alpha Kappa) - Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Seth Hammett (Auburn University) - Director of Economic Development for Alabama Electric Cooperative, former Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives (Member 1979-2011)
  • Thomas Latham - United States House of Representatives for Iowa
  • Jerry Litton - United States House of Representatives for Missouri
  • Jefferson Miller - United States House of Representatives for Florida
  • Devin Nunes - United States House of Representatives for California
  • Donald Paarlberg - Assistant US Secretary of Agriculture
  • Rick Perry (Texas A&M) - Governor of Texas
  • John D. Perdue (West Virginia) - State Treasurer of West Virginia
  • Adam Putnam -(University of Florida)- Florida Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Nicholas Smith - United States House of Representatives for Michigan
  • Greg Steube - (University of Florida) - Florida House of Representatives
  • Gerald Weller - United States House of Representatives for Illinois
  • Tommy Irvin - (University of Georgia) - Former Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Charles H. Bronson - (University of Georgia) - Former Florida Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Robert L.F. Sikes - (University of Georgia) - Former U.S. Representative from Florida
  • Brad Finstad - (University of Minnesota) - Center for Rural Policy and Development, Executive Directo