Why Go Greek?

Letter From VNR Recruitment

On behalf of Alpha Gamma Rho, we would like to congratulate you on your decision to attend Penn State University and look into joining the great Greek community that Penn State has to offer. College is a time of many changes, and we believe that being part of a Greek organization will help these changes mold you into a more complete young man. Here at Alpha Gamma Rho, we strive to find young men that will continue the tradition our chapter has been building since 1911, and uphold the values that Alpha Gamma Rho was founded on in 1904. We look for men that excel academically, morally, and socially. We believe that our fraternity can help you navigate the transition from high school to college, and encourage you to become a man of the same principles we hold in the highest esteem.

    Thank you for considering Gamma in your search for the fraternity that fits you best. We have brothers from all walks of life, many prospective majors, and all corners of the United States. We encourage you to come to any of our rush events during the summer and formal rush during the fall, so that you can meet some of our brothers and personally see what we are all about. Feel free to contact our Rush Chairman or any Officer with any questions or concerns you have about our fraternity and rush in general.



Tom Conroy

Why Become an AGR?

Being a part of Alpha Gamma Rho is being part of something greater than yourself.  AGR offers so many opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our Purpose is to "Make better men", and in everything we do as a Fraternity, that is reflected. We are a progressive fraternity based on the morals of agricultural men, formed over 100 years ago.

AGR's social-professional fraternity status offers one of the most diverse and consistent social AND professional environments anywhere at Penn State- with respect from both the Greek system, and the University at large. 

AGR develops it's members into the leaders of tomorrow by giving our members the opportunities to hold offices, network with others, and build a vast resume.  The officers of the house have responsibilities far beyond those of a normal Penn State student, and that is something any employer would look for in hiring a new employee- in any field.

The Gamma Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho, right here at Penn State has over 1,500 alumni; and nationally, AGR's alumni number close to 50,000.  These men are among the most prolific agricultural business, managment, scientific, governmental, and economic leaders in the world. Our Alumni offer multiple career opportunities for undergraduate members: from college internships, to research, to post graduate jobs. Being a member of AGR puts you into a highly competitive network of some of the nations brightest minds, and biggest employers in fields in AND out of agriculture.